Friday, May 05, 2006

A world champion at Bibendum!!

Talk about hidden talents… mild-mannered Alex Carty who works in the finance department at Bibendum has been revealed to be the newly-crowned world champion of Doce Pares. This ancient martial arts discipline originated in the Phillipines and comprises “all forms of open hands and all ranges of weapon fighting which also includes Espada Y Daga (sword & dagger) and Blade Techniques.” Phew.

Alex took the crown at the recent world championship at the hitherto sleepy seaside town of St Ives in Cornwall. What the locals made of sticks, swords and daggers being whirled and wielded in numbers is not recorded.

Alex modestly attributes his success in the ring to having learnt Thai Boxing as a youngster. It is not clear at this stage whether Credit Control Manager Barquita ‘Ninja’ Trinanes intends to train the rest of her team in hand-to-hand combat as a means of aiding debt recovery.


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