Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Valdivieso releases Caballo Loco....onto Netball court?

Well now…netball seasons seem to come and go like footballers autobiographies at the moment. As the North London Lionesses (previously reported on) wrap up another campaign on Thursday, the new Bibendum team ‘Caballos Locos’ launched themselves into the fiercely competitive Netball Public Domain. The Juice (now quite a netball aficionado….except for knowing the rules) was there to see these Wild Horses trample over their opposition; on this occasion named ‘The Townies’. Yes, TJ thought the Bibendum team had a more exciting name as well…

The girls trotted onto the courts together, proudly wearing their Valdivieso t-shirts & looking like a team who knew their stuff. Nerves were jangling before the game, especially when some couldn’t remember the rules & others hadn’t played for years. Kirstin lead the team as Centre; a position that requires more running than is sensible. For those that know Kirstin, running for 40mins non-stop is a walk in the park. Personally, I got tired just watching…

The Crazy Horses attacked like….well, crazy and little Korina was popping them in from all over the shop. Kelly, Kate & Caroline hustled around making the opposition look more miniature pony than crazy horse. They swapped positions and vests just to bamboozle the ponies – or maybe for tactical reasons…not sure…

The defence was extremely strong with Jenni, Nicky & Helen all playing brilliantly together. The determination could be seen on their faces as they reached, jumped and stretched for every intercept. Nothing was getting into that circle. They did lots of that wavy defensive move which looks a bit weird but turns out to be very effective. And the slug of fine wine from kind sponsor, Valdivieso, at half time didn’t seem to hurt either.
Final score: CRAZY HORSES 19, LAZY PONIES 2.

And Coach Kelly has asked that we broadcast the following important public service notice:

Rule 14.1 Footwork
A player may receive the ball with one foot grounded, or jump to catch & land on one foot & then
1. Step with the other foot, lift the landing foot & throw/shoot before the foot is regrounded
2. Step with the other foot in any direction any number of times, pivoting on the landing foot

Now that we’ve got that sorted…phew. Next week, more crucial life-or-death information from TJ and coach Kelly…bet you can’t wait


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